We have used Lincoln Automatic Lubrication Systems on our Volvo Loaders and Excavators for over 15 years. Experience has proven that fitting the system to a loader or Excavator will serve to enhance the overall production and reliability of the machine. This in turn saves our customers a great deal of money in excessive labour and parts costs, and most importantly downtime.

Typically pins and bushes can last up to 3 times longer when the machine is fitted with the Lube system and machines coming back to us for trade in will inevitably have less worn parts and therefore be worth more to the customer and cost us less to prepare for resale.

Installation and service is efficiently undertaken by HLS and their partners nationwide.

Keith O’Shaughnessy Workshop Manager / Pat O’Donnell & Co. Volvo construction and heavy machinery

Lincoln Automated lubrication systems are specified on all our Heavy mobile plant at time of ordering.

Our machines are operating in the most arduous of conditions, for long shifts and with little daily downtime for service or manual lubrication duties. Pin and bush replacement in these large machines is costly and takes time. Since specifying Lincoln quicklub systems in the mid 90’s we immediately identified a reduction in component wear and failure. The fact that the machines are being lubricated at regular intervals throughout the shift purges the bearings of water and contamination, thereby extending the service life considerably.

Over the years we have found HLS to be very efficient from initial installation to after-service and parts supply.

Gene Crilly – Transport Maintenance Manager / Irish Cement – Platin

We have been working with HLS since the late 90’s. We had identified crucial lubrication issues at our manufacturing plant, which in turn were leading to costly failures and downtime.

A phased introduction of Automated lubrication systems was decided upon and to date we have over 300 items of plant connected to Lincoln systems. Immediately, the advantages of the system became apparent. Bearing failure fell dramatically and we were also able to register major reductions in noise and even power consumption.

For preventive maintaince purposes HLS are contracted to service each system on a quarterly basis.
We would recommend the Lincoln product and HLS as a cost effective means to manage and lower lubrication costs.

Paul Murray Projects Manager / Gypsum Industries – Kingscourt

We initially installed a Lincoln P203 grease pump to one of our Cat wheel loaders and following on from that we have installed the system to several other loaders and have also installed the system to most of our manufacturing plant.

Bearing, sprocket and chain replacement in our plant has reduced by at least 75% as a direct result of installing the lubrication system. These savings alone would have recouped the initial investment within a couple of years.

Having HLS fit lubrication systems to our loaders has been a very worthwhile investment for us. We bought a new JCB 412 Loader in 2005, the same loader was traded in two and a half years later with over 5000 hours on the clock, during that time there was no sign of any wear to the pins and bushes, which made it an attractive trade in option for the dealer.

David McAuley L.A. McAuley (1976) Ltd. / Farmers and Animal feed Manufacturers.

Lincoln Automated Lubrication Products are extensively used on our machinery in all our locations nationwide. HLS have a proven track record with us for prompt and efficient service, a factor which has enabled us to increase the uptime of our equipment and so help meet our production targets.

The efficiency of any mechanical machine, be it mobile or fixed plant, relies heavily on adequate lubrication. A proper lubrication schedule coupled with Lincoln Automated systems is a cost effective means for us to reduce component wear, breakdown time and unscheduled repairs.

Nathan Phelan Assistant Manager Huntstown Quarry / Roadstone Dublin Ltd.