Working Safely With Hand Tools

Hand tools and safety workwear

Hints and Tips for Staying Safe Working with Hand Tools

Whether you are a professional tradesperson or an enthusiastic DIYer, hand tools are crucial for the success of any project. But as experienced hands know, badly maintained or inappropriately used hand tools can be a health & safety hazard.

In this guide, we look at some hints and tips to help you work safely with hand tools. From steps to take before the job to protecting your tools (and yourself) afterwards – We have compiled a list of expert tips to keep you safe in the workplace.

The Importance of Safety with Hand Tools

Accidents are almost inevitable in any reasonably sized project. This is simply a fact, thumbs will get hammered, and heads will get banged. These are part and parcel of many projects and will always happen. But the chances of serious accidents can be hugely reduced if you follow a few simple rules when working with hand tools:

Hand tool safety tips – Tips for pre-project safety

The safety risks of any project should be considered before starting and steps taken to reduce them.

Part of this process should consider the hand tools that are needed for the project.

Amongst the considerations are:

  • Defects – Check the tools to be used for any defects. This can include cracked or damaged handles, worn screwdriver tips, chipped chisels, and more. Using damaged tools greatly increases the chances of accidents occurring.
  • Right tools for the job – Safety is always compromised when inappropriate tools are “shoe-horned” into performing tasks they were not designed for.
  • Quality Tools – Using tools that are designed and manufactured to high standards greatly reduces the risk of accidents. From ergonomic design considerations to the quality of the materials used – quality tools like the Teng Tools range can greatly reduce the risk of accidents.
  • Workplace – Safety with hand tools doesn’t just mean using the right tools. The working environment also needs to be considered. Make sure the workspace is clear of debris and potential hazards before you begin.

These few simple steps taken before you start a project can go a long way to ensuring a safe workplace.

Hand tool safety tips – Staying safe during the project

With your pre-project checks done, it is now time to get down to the nitty-gritty and get going on the project. Here are some crucial tips to help you stay safe as you work.

  • Don’t improvise – It can be tempting as you stand above a protruding nail with a pipe wrench in your hand and no hammer to be seen to do a bit of improvising. But time and time again, this can lead to unnecessary injuries, don’t be tempted to improvise.
  • Wear protective clothing – Good quality workwear, eye-protectors, and head protection should always be used. Once again, the emphasis is on quality here. Opt for brands like Snickers, which is renowned for the excellence of its products.
  • Don’t forget the toolboxes – Hand tools can even be dangerous when being moved from place to place! Good quality toolboxes that protect the tool and the carrier are essential. When on the job, how you carry the tools is also important. Regularly check tool belts and tool pockets for wear and tear, If these fail when up a ladder or scaffolding, there can be dire consequences.

Hand tool safety tips – What to do once the job is complete

Following the simple tips below will help keep you safe and prolong the life of your tools too!

  • Inspect – Check all your tools for damage. Even small cracks in handles can be dangerous.
  • Clean your tools – Cleaning your tools helps to make sure they don’t corrode or deteriorate.
  • Store properly and safely – Make sure you store your tools in a quality container or a proper rack. Additionally, make sure that sharp edges and blades are stored so they can’t do any damage inadvertently.

HLS – Helping you work safely

We hope this article has helped you with some valuable pointers to working safely with hand tools. It doesn’t need much effort to work safely, but taking a little care and attention and using the right tools can be the difference between an after-work beer and a trip to A & E.

At HLS, we supply the finest quality hand tools and safety workwear to help you stay safe in the workplace. Please contact us if you want to know any more about our hand tools and safety gear.