Why Snickers Trousers are The Perfect Work Partner

Snickers Trousers

Snickers have been one of the most trusted brands in high-quality workwear for decades. Known for innovation, design excellence, and unsurpassable quality, the entire snickers workwear range is a testament to the company’s pedigree.

In this article, we are going to focus on one of Snickers most popular ranges – The Snickers work trouser range. Snickers work trousers encompass everything that is great about the brand.

Why opt for Snickers trousers

The saying “you get what you pay for” describes exactly why Snickers is the standout choice for work trousers. It may be tempting to save a bit of cash and opt for cheaper trousers, but this is more likely than not going to end up as a false economy.

Cheaper trousers are not designed to withstand the rigours of the workplace, as Snickers trousers are. Inevitably, this will end up with you having to buy two or more pairs of trousers while Snickers trousers – just like the Duracell Bunny – will keep on going and going.

Durability is only one reason why Snickers are the best choice of work trousers. Others include:

Design Excellence – Snickers pays particular attention to what workers look for in excellent work trousers – Everything from the number of pockets and their placement to safety features are optimised to make the workday efficient and safe

Choices for every occasion and trade – Snickers produces a wide range of trousers, so there is a pair that is suited for every situation. From work shorts for the height of summer to insulated and waterproof trousers for harsh winter days, there are Snickers trousers to suit.

High-quality materials – Snickers trousers are made from quality fabrics like DuraTwill and Canvas+. These are resistant to tears and stains and will continue to look great even after extended periods of the toughest treatment.

Style – The choice of safety and workwear can reflect the personality of a business. Snickers workwear not only performs great but also looks fantastic. A great way to make a memorable first impression when greeting potential customers.

Comfort – With models that feature built-in knee protection and special “stretch zones” that feature stretch Cordura to enhance comfort throughout the working day. This can also increase productivity by keeping fatigue at bay.

Choosing the right Snickers work trousers

Snickers work trousers come in a massive variety of materials, designs, sizes, colours, and shapes. This means that there is something in the range for every trade and work scenario.

Choosing from this range can be confusing, but there are a few tips that can help get you started. After this, we will take an in-depth look at the Snickers 6241, which is perhaps the perfect all-around pair of Snickers stretch work trousers.

  • Material – Start by choosing the right material. If you work in cold, wet, or damp conditions, then consider a pair that uses DuraTwill fabric. For dry and warmer conditions, opt for the Canvas+.
  • Comfort and Protection – Choose the pair that will make you feel most comfortable at work and, more importantly, keeps you protected. If your job involves a lot of crawling or working on your knees, then consider a pair like Snickers 6241, which features Advanced KneeGuard Pro.
  • Style – Of course, looking good is important, and Snickers makes this easy with a wide range of colours and styles to choose from.


It is hard to see past the Snickers work trousers range, the Snickers pedigree is apparent throughout the entire range, and as with their entire clothing range, Snickers never compromises on quality.

No matter what trade you are in or what work you do, the Snickers range of work trousers has an option that will suit and easily outperform other manufacturers.

You can find our range of Snickers trousers on our website, or why not pop into the HLS showroom in Ashbourne to see the quality of Snickers work trousers for yourself.