Tool Kits – Our Favourite 5

We have spent the past few days going through all the Tool Kits on our site. We have added a great deal more info on each as well as taking the time to add a detailed breakdown of the contents of each, complete with pictures. Naturally enough after pouring over the Tool Kits I now want one. So I’m going to take the time now to go through our favourite 5 tool kits that we sell.

The Tool Kits below are an excellent way to buy tools, especially if you’re starting out. You get all the essentials, tools you will use day in and day out like full socket sets, spanners and screwdrivers; but you can also get the smaller tools that you may never buy, but are extremely handy when you need them like inspection tools, torx drivers and crimping tools.

The best part is though how much money you save by buying a tool kit, well over 50% in some cases, so if you’re starting out it makes so much sense to invest at the start.

Another advantage of buying a tool kit, in particular a tool kit from Teng Tools, is that everything comes in a storage box of some sorts, and anything that we stock comes in a really high quality toolbox. Some are tool chests and some in toolboxes. Another benefit of Teng Tools Tool Kits is that you will be fully inducted into the Teng Tool Control System, meaning all Teng TT trays fit into the drawers like Lego. Then every tool has it’s place, great for quick access, and knowing when a tool is missing.

T3867 – Teng Tools Portable Mechanics Tool Kits

We very much like this set as it’s a far more general tool kit, containing spanners, screwdrivers, pliers and a small range of 3/8″ sockets. All in one portable container.

This tool kit is ideal for grabbing from a van and being brought to the job at hand, lay it flat on the ground and you have every tool close to hand.

The extremely durable box it comes in is a bonus as well.

The Teng Tools T3867 Tool Kit is contains of 37 pieces of mechanics tools including 3/8′ drive tool set containing regular 6 point metric sockets, fibre reinforced ratchet handle, universal joint, 3′ and 6′ extension bars, coupler adaptor, ½’ – 3/8′ adaptor, bits driver with magnetic bits holder, 10 combination spanners, 6 screwdrivers, 4 pliers as well as 26 bits

TCMM491N – Teng Tools 490pc Tool Kits in Roller Tool Chest

The first of our tool kits on this list that come in a tool chest. And this one is still slightly portable, not van portable, but portable around your workshop. The Teng Tools TCMM491N Tool Kit comes in a 7 drawer tool chest on wheels which can be easily wheeled around the workshop to have all your tools near to the job you are working on.

Another benefit is that the tool chest has a flat easy clean top for using as a surface for working on, as well as 8 small containers ideal for holding screws and bolts.

As for the contents you will be well covered. You get loads of sockets, including ¼”, 3/8″ and ½”. The ½” socketry is particularly well covered with extensions and accessories galore.

You also get screwdrivers of all types, spanners, chisels, rivet guns and a general set.

TC8140NF – Teng Tools Top Box Tool Kit

We love this set here at HLS, our favourite top box tool chest, pre-filled with 140 of the most essentials tools, beautifully laid out with Teng’s TC system. All at an excellent price.

The tools that come with the top box include socket sets, spanners, pliers, screwdrivers and a selection of adjustable wrenches, power grip pliers, a utility knife, hacksaw, hammers, a measuring tape and a steel rule.

The Teng Tools TC8140NF Tool Kit also comes with a plastic tool tray on top, ideal for keeping socket rails. Also 2 of the top 3 drawers come empty, perfect for storing small items. They’re also lined to stop items from rolling.

TM095 – ¼” and ½” XL Socket Set Tool Kit

The Teng Tools TM095 Tool Kit has near enough any socket you could ever need, as well as socket accessories. It also contains a range of spanners and screwdrivers making is the tool kit to make short work of any fixing.

While being similar to our number 5, coming in the same case, it beat it out as this set is particularly popular with our customers. The difference between the two is that T3867 is a more general, and this TM095 is mostly socket based.

It also has the distinction of being extremely good value!

TCMM1001N – The Teng Tools Mega Master 1001pc Tool Kit

The most favourite tool kit was alway an obvious choice. The 1001 one beats all, hands down in terms of contents and value. This tool kit has so much in it that they had to add an extra 3 drawers to the bottom tool chest.

It has absolutely everything, the common stuff like sockets and screwdrivers but also less common things like impact sockets, circlip pliers, 1000v tools, a dismantling set, threading tools and so much more. Just look at the drawers below.

We have other full tool chest tool kits in our store, but this is the only one on our list. The other Tool kits just can’t to the 1001, sometimes costing more while containing less pieces.

So I think you can agree that the Teng Tools TCMM1001N Tool Kit is the ultimate tool kit on the market, and easily the number 1 in our favourites.