The New Compact Lubrication Pump, The Lincoln P502

The Lincoln P502 Lubrication Pump has been designed to be small and compact to fit an Automatic Grease System to machines that couldn’t before. But don’t lets its size fool you, It’s powerful, capable out outputting at 270bar. It’s also very durable in harsh conditions. This lube pump, as part of a complete automatic grease system, will keep your machines working longer, save you a fortune on breakdowns and replacement parts.

A small lubrication pump has a wide range of applications, on machines too small, machines with confined spaces, or where space is very precious. This includes small construction machines or agricultural machines, or more so their trailers. Most agri bailers and tipping trailers can have up to 40 greasing points.

Even extremely large machines can make use of such a compact lube pump as the P502. For example power generating windmills need lubrication within for pivoting blades within the spinning head. Running grease lines from the main body though a spinning shaft is extremely complicated, but a compact lube pump can easily be installed within the head. This also applies to production lines or other hydraulic systems that are on a moving gantry.

As with all Lincoln Lubrication Pumps and lubrication equipment it’s been designed and manufactured to the highest of quality to ensure the highest of uptime and durability. For over 100 years Lincoln have been manufacturing lubrication equipment. Across all continents their name is legendary and their brand is requested by so many companies for their qualtity.

Lubrication Pump Features

The P502 Lubrication Pump can be operated with a  12 or 24 V DC power supply and can be equipped with a low-level indication (follower plate) as an option. Electrical connection to the pump can be realized by square plug, bayonet plug, or M12 plug.

The lube pump can be operated without integrated control unit or with an integrated control printed circuit board for pause time and lubrication time adjustments. With its proven rotary switch technology, adjustments of pause times and lubrication times are safe and easy to be done. A pushbutton on the control printed circuit board or an external illuminated pushbutton allow triggering additional lubrication cycles at any time.

One or maximum two pump elements of the proven installation sizes K5, K6, K7 and B7 ensure the desired lubricant supply volumes at a temperature range from –25 to +70 °C.

An external pressure reducing valve allows the lubrication pump and the downstream system to be driven at a maximum operating pressure of 270 bar.

Lubrication Pump Technical Data

Reservoir size 1 litre
Pump elements K5, K6, K7, B7
Output volumes/stroke K5 0,1 cm³
Output volumes/stroke K6 0,18 cm³
Output volumes/stroke K7 0,22 cm³
Output volumes/stroke B7 0,1 cm³
Motor revolutions about 10 r/min
Power supply 12 or 24 V DC
Maximum operating pressure 270 bar
Operating temperature –25 to +70 °C
Lubricants Greases up to NLGI 2 or oils of at least 40 N/mm² (cST)