The Importance of High-Quality Workwear

Safety Workwear

Safety in the workplace is of paramount importance. One area where this can be dramatically improved yet is often overlooked, is the importance of using high-quality workwear.

Cost is obviously a factor – But when it comes to safety and promoting your brand image, high-quality work clothing can be a cost-saving rather than an expense. When looking at the bigger picture, compromising on the quality of workwear might not be the good idea it first appears to be.

This article lists many of the reasons why high-quality workwear is important in the workplace.

Improving Health and Safety

Using the right workwear that is of the appropriate quality is the first step to a safe workplace. From high-vis vests & clothing to snag-free trousers and from ear defenders to quality hard hats, a properly kitted out workforce is a safer workforce.

Employers have a legal obligation to ensure their workforce and workplaces are kept as safe as possible. Quality workwear helps to minimise the risk of injuries and accidents and ensures you are compliant with legislation.

Improved Durability

The harsh environment of many workplaces is hard on workwear. Cheaper and less durable workwear is far more susceptible to wear and tear and will require replacing regularly.

Quality clothing from brands like Snickers is designed and built with the rigours of the workplace always in mind. High-quality materials are used throughout the range, and the construction is rugged enough to outlast cheaper clothing many times over!


Because workers are likely to be wearing their work clothes for many hours each day, comfort should not be overlooked. Once again, we can look at a brand like Snickers to help us understand how comfort is at the heart of the design and build of quality workwear.

For example, the Snickers 6241 Work Trousers have comfort built-in without compromising functionality. Comfort features include pre-bent legs with a 4-way stretch design around the knees. Over a long workday, comfort features like these decrease a worker’s fatigue and discomfort, and this improves productivity.

Similarly, for outdoor workers keeping warm in the harshness of winter is crucial. Cheap workwear often doesn’t achieve this, or when it does, it does so at the expense of added bulk and weight.

An extreme example of where quality counts when it comes to warmth is the Metabo Cordless Heated Jacket. This water-resistant and tear-proof jacket has 6-heated panels integrated into its design.

Increased Productivity

As already mentioned above, quality clothing can save money in the long run by increasing productivity. The increased comfort of a worker during the workday is one factor, but that isn’t the only factor.

Thoughtful design that takes account of what makes workwear more practical for the user is inherent in high-quality workwear. The attention to detail that is applied at the design and testing stage of production means that high-quality workwear is optimised to make life as convenient as possible for the user.

Over a workday, little things like easy-access pockets in exactly the right place or anti-fatigue work gloves all add up to substantial time and cost savings.

Improved Brand Awareness

Whether you are a one-man-band or a large employer, the image your brand portrays is critical. You could be the best tradesman in town, but if you arrive to quote for a job in cheap and untidy workwear, the job could be lost before you pick up a tool.

Impressing potential clients means making a great first impression. This is often when the deal makes or breaks. High-quality workwear is like your calling card. It reflects a quality and attention to detail that gives clients the confidence that they are dealing with high-calibre professionals.


Saving a few Euros by buying lesser quality workwear might seem like a good idea. But the exact opposite is often the case. For a happy, comfortable, safe, and productive workforce that can also act as brand ambassadors, then it has to be workwear that encompasses quality.

At HLS, we are proud stockists of high-quality workwear from some of the most trusted names in the business, browse our collection online or pop into our Ashbourne Showroom.