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Teng Tools Socket Sets For Sale Under €60

One of our best deals of this winter comes from one of the top hand tools manufacturers, Teng Tools. Three of the bestselling Teng socket sets, specifically the T3839, T1436, T1221 can be purchased now at a an extremely good price.

Looking for socket sets? look no further. We’ve got the best prices in Ireland on some of the best quality socket sets available on the market. And we’re not just throwing out that phrase like every other radio Ad, the value here really is the best. We have 53% off some sets, seriously the T1221 ½” socket set is listed in the TengTools catalogue for €170, we selling it for €80; and some sets are as low as €35, with sockets, a ratchet, extension bars, and a lifetime guarantee. So I hope you agree that these are the best prices of socket sets in Ireland.

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T1221 – ½”dr, 21pcs

The Teng Tools T1221 Socket Set is a mechanics dream containing a range of sockets and accessories for dealing with sockets up to 32mm in size, with a ½” drive for a stronger power transfer. All this at an unbelievable price.

Teng T1221 Socket Set is supplied in a plastic case with a latch lid, retractable handle and metal pin hinges. The underside of the case is fitted with rubber feet to prevent it from sliding.

The Ratchet Socket wrench is manufactured with metal and fibre reinforced plastic for excellent strength and lightness. Also features a Quick Release for removing sockets and a Easy Flip-Reverse switch.

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T3839 – 3/8″dr, 39pcs

Teng Tools 39 pieces 3/8″ drive metric socket set containing 8mm to 22mm regular and 6 deep sockets, ratchet socket wrench (FRP ratchet) and a large range of accessories.

This 3/8″ socket set doesn’t have as big sizes as the T1221 socket set above. But it does have a range of deep sockets, these extra long sockets can deal with bolts that the regular sockets cannot. The 2 extension bars and universal joint add even greater versatility.

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T1436 – ¼”dr, 36pcs

Very similar to the T3839 socket set above, the T1436 socket sets have 10 regular sockets 6 deep, 2 extension bars and a range of screwdriver bit heads. But is a much more compact set, easily stored in a tool box. the socket sizes it contains are also in the smaller end of the spectrum starting at only 4mm and going up to 13mm

This compact set really does pack a lot into it, measuring at only 240x125x38mm, but having 2 lengths of sockets, accessories and a range of screwdriver bits allowing your ratchet wrench work with Phillips, Flat, Hex, Torx and Pozidriv.

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T3834 – 3/8″dr, 34pcs

The T3834 is another extremely compact set that can easily be stored in a toolbox so it’s always near if you need it.

Some of its handy contents include 2 extension bars, the ingenious Teng Tools adaptor that with the 2 extension bar transforms into a T-Handle driver; as well as 20 screwdriver bits with 5 different head types.

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T1424 – 1/4″dr, 24pcs

The smallest of all the socket sets shown here, with a footprint of only 170 x 90mm. it also can work with smaller bolt sizes right down to 4mm

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Everlasting Power Guarantee

We’re extremely confident in the quality of Teng Tools which is why all Teng Tools come with the everlasting power guarantee, meaning we undertake to exchange or repair this item should it ever fail or break under normal working conditions due to faulty workmanship or material.

All these socket sets are built to be used by professionals day in day out, that means they are designed to stand up in the harshest of workplaces and never let you down.


Teng Storage

One of the best things about Teng Tools (besides the quality) is the teng tools storage system. Teng really do think through the way tools need to be stored, so you know where everything is, and when you need it, and quickly see when some is missing.

For example the TC system, which has every tool available in a TC tray, which all fit beside each other perfectly into any Teng Tools chest, tool box, or other storage system. This allows you to build up your own perfect tool chest, with every tool having it’s own place.


Why buy from us

For 25 years we have had the reputation for being the go to place for quality engineering supplies and professional hand and power tools. We only stock quality, period. Cheap items are more trouble that they are worth. They break, they don’t fit right and let you down. Every brand on has been trusted by us for many years, so you know what you’re getting is worth the money.

We also know that your business needs the goods ASAP, broken down machinery costs a lot of money really fast. We stock 1000s of products, from tools, to lubricants, to fixings, to welding supplies and much much more.

Our large stock also gets you better prices, we buy in bulk and have already negotiated the best prices, just look around, they’re unbeatable.

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The prices for all these socket sets include vat