Snickers Work Jackets: Why Quality Matters

Snickers Workwear Jackets

Quality matters when it comes to workwear. Workwear has to be rugged, practical, comfortable, and safe. When it comes to jackets for work, one name stands head and shoulders above the rest – Snickers Workwear.

But just what makes Snickers work jackets so impressive? Here we answer that very question. Read on to find out why Snickers jackets have established a reputation as the ultimate jacket for work.

The History of Snickers

To understand why Snickers jackets are considered so highly, it is useful to look at the heritage of the company behind them. Snickers have been producing innovative products since it was founded by Matti Viio in 1975.

Due to the exacting standards and attention to detail that Matti insisted upon, the company soon established a reputation for making innovative, technical workwear with uncompromised safety and comfort for professional craftsmen.

This is an approach to product development and production that has remained unchanged to this day.

What Makes Snickers Jackets So Special?

An immaculate pedigree is one thing, but without continuing development and innovation, a reputation can quickly tarnish. The reason that hasn’t happened with Snickers is their continued commitment to quality and innovation without compromise.

This is best demonstrated by examining some of the features of one of the most popular jackets in the range – The Snickers 1102 AllroundWork Waterproof 37.5 ® Insulated Jacket.

Here are a few of the features that make this the ultimate work jacket:

37.5 ® Technology

This could almost be described as an intelligent material. It is woven into the other fabrics and works by reacting when your body temperature increases above its normal 37.5 ° (hence the name). At this point, the material activates and transports trapped humidity to the outer layers of the jacket. This keeps you comfortable and able to work effectively for longer.

It also works in reverse. When the temperature is low, the technology helps to retain your body heat.

Pre-Bent Sleeves and Shoulder Stretch Panels

The pre-bent sleeves in stretch panels at the back of the shoulders mean that Snickers jackets provide maximum freedom of movement by allowing the arms to move more naturally. During a demanding work day, this freedom of movement can be a real blessing.

It is especially useful for people who work in physically demanding jobs that require a lot of arm movement. It also helps reduce fatigue and increase comfort, meaning you can stay longer on the job without productivity dropping.

Taped Seams Throughout

To keep you dry on the wettest of days, the Snickers AllroundWork jacket features taped seams and a waterproof shell that makes it completely waterproof.

Built to Last

Snickers understands that the rigours of the workplace mean clothing is often vulnerable to rips, tears, and other damage. This is why they use Cordura ® as one of the principal materials across their range of jackets.

It is incredibly durable and resistant to abrasions, tears, and punctures, making it ideal for use in products that require strength and durability, such as work jackets. It is also lightweight and easy to clean. Additionally, it can also withstand exposure to the elements as well as having excellent water resistance.

Comfort Without Compromise

Snickers jackets are designed primarily for the workplace with an ergonomic design to keep you comfortable throughout the day. The 1102 Waterproof Jacket also features reflective bands to enhance safety in the workplace.

But this attention to the needs of a modern workforce does compromise other aspects of what you’d expect from a great jacket. Snickers workwear is designed to be stylish and look just as good as an everyday jacket.

Snickers Jackets: Working With You Throughout the Day

Snickers Workwear has maintained its reputation as a manufacturer of superb work clothing through its continuous drive to push the boundaries of innovation. Nowhere is this more apparent in its range of work jackets.

If you want to know more about our range of Snickers jackets and workwear, our expert staff will be delighted to help.