Sixton Stelvio Outdry Safety Boot

The Sixton Stelvio Outdry boot is an upgrade of the regular Stelvio Boot, but with the added benefit of the “OutDry” waterproofing system, ensuring your foot stays fully dry and comfortable. The Sixton range is probably our most comfortable range of footwear.

171.00 inc.Vat

The OutDry waterproofing system sets a new standard in waterproofing footwear. The outdry system laminates the inside of the outside layer of the boot. This removes an empty void you would get in other waterproof boots that use a separate waterproofing membrane. This void can then fill with water, adding unnecessary weight and stagnate creating smells.The vibram logo is a sign of the highest quality outsole. There is so much more performance you can get from the bottom of your boot, with the Sixton Stelvio the vibram outsole absorbs impacts, essential if you walk on hard concrete all day; the material self-cleans, removing oils and greases and being insulated against cold and heat (up to 300ºc for short contact)Full Safety from above and below, the “Zero-K Anti-perforation” gives protection in compliance with the new standard EN ISO 12568:2010. Meaning this boot can withstand nails ups to 1100 in force, but it remains fully flexible.

The toe-cap is made of composite materials, so there’s no metal for added lightness, and is also heat resistant

Other Features

  • Fully anti-Static
  • Will not alarm metal detectors


Specifications: S3 HRO WR SRC
Upper: Greased Nubuk Leather Hydrotech
Lining: 3D Air circulation 320 gr.
Removable insole: Dyna-fit
Toe cap: C.T.C. – Composite Toe Cap
Weight gr.: 770 gr

Weight 2.2 kg


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