JSP Z-4000 Corded Safety Glasses Anti-mist

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Z4000™ Clear Anti-Mist Corded Spectacle

The Z4000™ is a clear framed spectacle with an Anti-Mist HC Lens. An exceptionally lightweight sports style safety spectacle, with a wraparound Polycarbonate lens with UV protection and an integrated nose-bridge. The Z4000™ includes a simple to attach/detach spectacle cord for convenience and prevention of misplacement.

• Lens and frame offer protection against low energy high-speed
particles at 45m/s (101mph)
• The optical qualities of the lens comply with the requirements of optical class 1 (highest)
• Anti Scratch and Anti Mist Lens
• Lens also offers 99.9% UV protection
• EN166.1.F & EN170. Tested to resist the impact of a 6mm (??) steel ball fired at 100mph (160kph) at the lens



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