3M Respiratory Cartridge Filter

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3M Respiratory Cartridge Filter for protection against Organic Vapours, Acid Gases, Ammonia & Methylamine, is one of the 3M 6000 series of filters that are applicable for use in a range of gas/vapour environments. With the appropriate particulate filter added, protection against particulates can also be obtained.

The 3M Cartridge Filter 6059 is capable of  providing protection against organic vapours with boiling points >65ºC. This includes inorganic gases such as Chlorine, acid gases such as Sulfur Dioxide and Ammonia & Methylamine at levels up to ten (10) times the Exposure Standard on a half face mask and up to fifty (50) times the Exposure Standard on a full face mask OR up to a maximum of 1000ppm whichever is lower.

3M Respiratory Cartridge Filter ‘ benefits:

  • ­Good balance of weight on face
  • Excellent field of vision as a result of unique trapezoidal shape
  • Bayonet fitting ensures precise & safer locking
  • Can be used on all 3M 6000, 3M 7000 & 3M 7500 Series Half Masks and Full Face Masks
  • The 3M 6059 filter can be used in industries where excess levels of a variety of organic vapours, inorganic gases, acid gases,ammonia & methylamine are present in the atmosphere.
  • Lightweight – 100g each (nominal)
  • Low breathing resistance
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