Tegera 295 Waterproof Winter Allroundwork Gloves

  • Leather glove, Winter-lined, 0,7-0,8 mm, Full grain goatskin
  • Spandex, Thinsulate™ 40g
  • Blue, Grey, White,
  • Waterproof, Winter-lined
  • Elasticated 360°, for allround work


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27.00 inc.Vat

FUNCTIONS – Waterproof, reinforced fingers and thumb

PREVENTS RISK OF – Scratches, lacerations, blisters, grazes, contact with cold, contact with moisture, contact with damp, contact with dirt, abrasion injuries

PRIMARY ENVIRONMENTS OF USE – Cold environments, wet environments

PRIMARY INDUSTRIES OF USE – Transportation, utilities, building and construction, logistics

PRIMARY AREAS OF USE – Airport work, repair work, building and construction, carpentry, transport work, machine driving, machine operating

TYPE OF WORK – Medium weight



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