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Metabo Battery Set – 2x 5.5Ah LiHD Batteries, Chargers

The new foundation for your Metabo power tools, the pick and mix solution gives you a starting point of batteries which you then add Metabo power tool bodies.

Featuring Metabo’s LiHD batteries, these batteries are designed to satisfy the most demanding tradesmen offering up to 67% more power and 87% more runtime compared to the regular Li-Ion batteries.

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  • 2x LiHD 5.5Ah
  • ASC 30 – 36 V Charger
  • Supplied in cardboard case


DruckMetabo are so confident in their build quality and long battery life that they offer a 3 year warranty on all machines and batteries!
*product must be registered at within 4 weeks of purchase.

Metabo LiHD Battery Pack Technology

LiHD 5.5Ah and LiHD 6.2Ah battery packs always deliver a user benefit when used in high demanding applications where peak performance is required, best suited to all cordless machines with high current requirements such as angle grinders, Inox machines, Mitre saws, circular saws and sabre saws; but also with LTX class drills/screwdrivers and combi drills and demanding application areas.

The LiHD battery pack delivers sufficient output for any mid range applications while providing a real ergonomic benefit compared to a standard (twin row) 3.0Ah or 4.0Ah battery pack.

Comparable to compact 2.0Ah battery pack in terms of size and weight but with significantly higher efficiency and run time, best suited to drill/screwdrivers, combi drills, impact drivers and wrenches, hammer drills and jigsaws.Revolutinary LiHD high-performance cells: Completely new electromechanical design with significantly stronger conductors, which in combination with more active material, permit a

  • significant increase in the accessible power output
  • resulting in more usable energy for you

Massive power rails capable of handling high currents, enlarged contact and cell connectors made from a special CU alloy, conduct the current with reduced losses.Increased run time thanks to:

  • An increase in active cell material
  • High-quality materials (silver and copper) in combination with stronger conductors – this permits a more efficient energy flow


Ultra-M technology

for highest performance, gentle efficient charging, optimum energy utilisation and long service life

Electronic Single Cell Protection

Protects each and every battery cell from discharging completely while working, and from overcharging during the charging process.

Weight 4 kg


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