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Metabo Battery – Slide in 18V 5.5Ah LiHD

Metabo 5.2Ah 18V Battery has been designed to offer great freedom. Now you can drive in screws, drill holes, saw, cut, grind, polish and illuminate with 5.2 Ah for even longer – completely without cables.

LiHD battery packs for ultimate performance and extremely long application with minimal temperature generation

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  • 3 years battery pack warranty included.
  • 75 % greater endurance – Compared to the 3.0 Ah battery pack you can work up to 75% longer without having to recharge! Often this is enough for more than a working day.
  • Same size, same weight -The new 5.5 Ah battery pack did not become a single gramme heavier and nor a millimetre larger – more endurance with the same comfort.
  • Resistance against cold and heat – A fully charged battery pack delivers 100% power from – 15 ° to + 50 ° Celsius. Work is possible even in extreme temperatures.
  • 100% compatibility -The 5.5 Ah battery pack is compatible with all current and future Metabo 18 Volt machines and chargers. Give even more power to your Metabo machines.

Ultra-M technology

The Ultra-M Technology stands for the ideal synchronisation and perfect communication between machine, battery pack and charger.

The Metabo Ultra-M technology offers an intelligent battery management, such as all information is stored on the microchip of the battery pack. This microchip communicates with the electronics of the machine and the charger and ensures an efficient and gentle charging process.


DruckMetabo are so confident in their build quality and long battery life that they offer a 3 year warranty on all machines and batteries!

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