Powerluber Lincoln Cordless Grease Gun 20v – Li-Ion

The Lincoln 20v Cordless Grease Gun gives you exactly what you want for your greasing schedule. Speed, reliability and accuracy. Even if you have hundreds of grease points to grease, this gun will allow you to grease them quickly, with the exact amount of grease required every time; and with the Lincoln Industrial quality build this gun will never let you down.

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Product Features

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Work light
Built-in LED illuminates the work area

Vent valve and filler nipple
The vent valve purges trapped air to help assure easy prime, and the filler nipple facilitates a quick, clean refill for those who prefer to bulk fill their barrel

Multi-function LCD
Display shows grease output and battery charge, and alerts the operator of blocked fittings and loss of prime

Two-speed digital grease output selector
Switch from low-volume to high-volume dispensing with the touch of a button

Three-point base
Base keeps the grease gun upright for easy handling and helps to keep the tool clean

Lithium-ion battery
Lithium-ion technology is powerful and efficient, delivering an even flow of energy and eliminating the slowdown associated with NiCad, while offering three times the charge cycles

Integrated hose holder and tube guide
The holder’s unique design allows for secure hose storage, and the tube guide provides easy threading of the grease barrel

High pressure and volume

The PowerLuber’s redesigned, high torque powerhead delivers grease at up to 10 000 psi (689,5 bar) in both high and low-output settings. The new design reduces battery load and maximizes grease output per charge.

Accuracy and precision

The tool’s liquid crystal display (LCD) accurately indicates standard readings such as battery level and grease flow (grams or ounces). In addition, the LCD’s flow meter detects the loss of prime, eliminating false readings to help ensure the equipment being serviced is properly lubricated.

Work-ready design

The rugged PowerLuber’s new three-point base keeps the tool upright and stable for easy handling without being bulky to allow easy access to fittings in tight spaces. Also, the tool has a convenient, built-in LED to illuminate the work area.


  • 1882 Lincoln Powerluber Grease Gun
  • 1x 20v Li-ion Battery
  • Battery Charger
  • Carry Case


For more than a century, professionals have chosen the Lincoln brand for their lubrication equipment needs. As the leader in lubrication technology and solutions, we are dedicated to listening to our customers and their requirements. That dedication, combined with our understanding of the challenges of their daily work, led to the development of the problem-solving PowerLuber.

Each generation of the PowerLuber family has delivered exceptional performance and dependability. The newest addition to the line, the 20-volt* PowerLuber series 1880, is no exception. This heavy-duty model has been engineered to complete the toughest jobs with power and consistency, while its innovative design minimizes operator fatigue.

* Maximum initial voltage without workload

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