Groz G32 High Pressure Single Handed Grease Gun

The Groz G32 High Pressure Single Handed Grease Gun is a grease gun for true professionals requiring reliability, control and a high performing lubrication

Useful for greasing in confined spaces or where access to grease fitting is restricted. Also great for keeping one hand free for far better controlled lubrication.

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Built tough, This single handed grease gun has been designed top to bottom to be durable right down to every moving part.

  • It has a Robust barrel 1.2 mm thick
  • Machined to very close tolerances with perfect fits
  • Heavy Duty Follower Spring
  • CNC machined grease gun head, large rolled threads for fast & easy reloading

Groz G32 Single Handed Grease Gun Features

  • Patented feather touch design for minimal effort
  • Incorporates a unique variable stroke feature, not common with single handed grease gun Grease guns. This allows the gun to reach increased greasing pressures from short strokes and high greasing volumes from full strokes
  • Capacity: 14 oz. (400 gms) grease cartridge or 500 cc bulk fill
  • Delivers 1.1/2 times more grease per stroke compared to most single handed grease gun. 0.68g/stroke
  • Generating pressures up to 7,500 PSI (517 BAR)
  • Complete with 9” (225 mm) high pressure flexible hose & professional 4 jaw coupler with ball check
  • Can be loaded with standard 400g/500g grease cartridge
  • Other filling options include suction filling or filling via filler pump
  • Threads 1/8″ BSPT

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