Fuchs Renolit MP Plus 2 Grease 500g

A specially developed Heavy Duty Extra High Performance Long Life NLGI No 2 grease for lubrication of highly loaded Roller and friction bearings.


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RENOLIT MP PLUS is a heavy-duty, tacky, aging and water resistant, lithium soap based multipurpose grease.

RENOLIT MP PLUS offers outstanding corrosion protection and excellent low temperature characteristics. It is smooth and work-stable.


RENOLIT MP PLUS is the perfect universal lubricating grease for applications in cars, trucks and machinery. RENOLIT MP PLUS can also be used as battery terminal grease.


  • Extremely tenacious
  • Aging resistant
  • Water resistant
  • Extraordinary corrosion protection
  • Mechanically high loads

Cartridge Compatibility

Characteristics Unit Test Method
Classification KP 2 K-30/ ISO-L-X-CCEB 2 DIN 51 502/ISO 6743-9
Colour Beige
Thickener Lithium-soap
Dropping point ºC >180 IP 396/93
Worked penetration (Pw 60) 0.1 mm 265 – 295 DIN ISO 2137
NLGI grade 2 DIN 51 818
Corrosion protection properties (Emcor-method) degree of corr. 0 – 0 DIN 51 802
Water resistance eval.-stage 1 – 90 DIN 51 807
Four ball method, welding load N 2600 DIN 51 350-4
Flow pressure
at +20ºC hPa < 100 DIN 51 805
at -20ºC hPa < 400 DIN 51 805
at -35ºC hPa < 1600 DIN 51 805
Base oil viscosity at +40ºC mm2/s 100 DIN 51 562-1
Temperature range ºC -30 to +120 DIN 51 806
Short term ºC  (up to 140)
Weight .5 kg



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