Fuchs Renolit Duraplex EP2 Lithium Complex Grease

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Fuchs Renolit Duraplex EP2 is an excellent multi-purpose lithium complex grease, suitable for applications needing a tough grease that’s resistant to water, high thermal loads and high mechanical roads.

The quality and resistance of this grease are the reasons Fuchs Renolit is asked for by engineers all over the world.

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Fuchs Renolit Duraplex EP2 is a lithium Complex Soap based lubricating grease for long term lubrication.

Advantages of Duraplex EP2 Lithium Complex Grease

  • Multi Purpose Lubrication Grease
  • Water Resistant
  • Work Stable
  • Resists High Thermal Loads
  • Lubricates under high mechanical loads
  • Resistant to aging
  • Enhanced Anti-corrosion

Duraplex EP2 Lithium Complex Grease Applications

Duraplex EP2 is recommended for all lubricating points particularly if high demands on service life, temperature capability and corrosion protection are required.

Permanent and long term lubrication of roller bearings including

  • Electric Motors in the chemical industry
  • clutch release bearings in motor cars
  • Bearings of hot air fans
  • Bearings in construction machinery

Cartridge Compatibility


CharacteristicTest MethodUnitFuchs Renolit Duraplex EP2
ClassificationDIN 51 502ISO 6743-9KP 2 P-30ISO-L-X-CEHB 2
ColourVisualLight Brown
ThickenerLithium Complex SoapLithium Complex Soap
Dropping PointIP 396/93°C> 230
Worked Penetration (Pw 60)DIN ISO 21370.1mm265 – 285
Work ResistanceDIN ISO 21370.1mm< 45
NLGI-gradeDIN 51 8182
Corrosion Protection Properties (Emcor-Test)DIN 51 811Degree of corrosion0-0
Copper CorrosionDIN 51 811Degree of Corrosion1-100
Water ResistanceDIN 51 807-1Evaluation Stage1-90
Four Ball Method, Welding LoadDIN 51 350-4N2600
Flow Pressure

  • At + 20°C
  • At – 20°C
DIN 51 805hPahPa< 150< 1300
Oil Separation at 18h / 40°CDIN 51 817%<1.0
Oxidation StabilityDIN 51 808hPa<300
Base Oil Viscosity at +40°CDIN 51 562-1mm2/s112
Temperature Range

  • Short Term
°C°C-30 to+160(Up to +200)
Weight: 500g
SKU: 3JGR5M013

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