Lube Shuttle Battery Powered Grease Gun

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Lube Shuttle Battery Powered Grease Gun is ideal when you have a large production line, or anywhere else with 100s of points to grease. The time saved will save you money on machine downtime and man hours.

Made with a powerful DC motor drive, with planetary gearbox and reciprocating piston that gives powerful 400 bar of grease pressure. Maximum pressure is limited by an inbuilt relief valve.

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New updated model with Lithium Ion battery, for incredible extended battery life

Cartridge Compatibility

Why use Lube Shuttle

Lube Shuttle is the improved grease cartridge system. Loading cartridges can be done with one hand, quickly and effortlessly. Just take off the cap, insert and twist to lock. No need to remove caps top and bottom, load and deal with a plunger.


  • Lube Shuttle Battery Powered Grease Gun
  • 14.4V Li-Ion battery
  • 3.000 mAh
  • Delivers 100cm³ per minute
  • Electronically controlled fast charger with overload protection

Set Contents:

  • Battery Powered Grease Gun
  • High Pressure Rubber Hose 750mm ( burst pressure 1,650 bar)
  • 4 jaw Hydraulic Coupler R1/8′
  • Battery
  • Case

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