Lincoln Hose Studs for 8.6mm Tube Termination

2.192.33 inc.Vat | 1.65 ex.Vat

Hose Termination for Lincoln 8.6mm high pressure hose, each termination consists of lincoln hose stud and lincoln threaded sleeve.

2.19 inc.Vat | 1.78 ex.Vat

893 in stock

2.33 inc.Vat | 1.89 ex.Vat

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This is a part of 2 piece hose termination, lincoln hose stud inserts into grease tube, then threaded sleeve tightens over tube and stud to create tight high pressure seal.

Termination stud is 6mm.

Can be used as part of an Automatic Lubrication System, or any other system using grease tubes.

Hose Stud is available as straight connection, or 90° bend to suit application. Same threaded sleeve required for both hose studs

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