Lincoln 6mm Grease Tube Connector – Straight

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Straight Grease tube connectors are a high pressure fitting for connecting grease pipes to bushings and bearings.

Suitable for connecting 6mm Nylon Tubing to metric and British Standard Pipe (BSP) threads.

Genuine Lincoln Parts designed and manufactured to the highest quality. Can be used as part of an Automatic Lubrication System.

Each fitting comes complete with Coupling Nut and Steel Ferrule, but additional spares are available.

Lincoln was established in 1910 and is the long-standing world leader in grease lubrication systems and equipment. Decades of business experience have provided them with a high level of expertise and know-how within the lubrication system industry.

Lincoln lubrication systems reduce friction and wear; thereby, decreasing maintenance costs, improving productivity, ensuring a higher level of safety and contributing to the environment.

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