SVM Lubricant Divider Valves for Progressive Automatic Lubrication System

Lubricant divider valve is a SVM progressive metering device. They use internal pistons to reliability meter the lubricant volume fed to the inlet in predetermined single quantities.

By closing one outlet, the lubricant is fed to the next outlet below. This provides a large variety of metering possibilities. The internal porting of the lubricant divider valve avoids cumbersome external T-fittings.

A special feature of the progressive metering device is that a previous feed line must supply lubricant before the next one can be supplied. This makes the progressive system easy to visually monitor or electrically monitor. It is available with 6 to 20 outlets

These progressive metering devices in block design have no defect-prone rubber seals. They can therefore be used with no problem at high differential pressure (up to 100 bar between two outlets) The maximum operating pressure is 350 bar.

Suitable for use range of Automatic Lubrication Brands, including Graco, Lincoln, SKF Vogel, Beka-Lube and many more.

Available with or without indicator pin, to give a visual indication when and if pump is delivering grease. Typically only used on the first divider block after the pump.


  • No rubber seals
  • Single block design
  • Internal combining of outlets
  • Exact lubricant metering
  • Easy to monitor
  • Fault-free replacement: should a metering device be exchanged, connection and output or adjustment errors are avoided
  • High operating pressure


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