Hazet 13pc Extra Long Combination Spanner Set – 600LG/13

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  • Loading capacity at least twice as high as DIN
  • At least 25% longer than comparable standard wrenches – for greater power transmission
  • Better accessibility with low-lying screw connections
  • Shank with extra sturdy double-T-profile
  • Higher torque due to the long lever means: More power – less force
    • Higher torque with the same effort
    • Less effort at the same torque due to long lever arm
  • High HAZET competence in the development and production of spanners for over 100 years
  • Drop forged in dies developed and produced by HAZET
  • High quality in development, production, and the materials used in all HAZET wrenches offer the user the greatest possible security and protection from injury
  • Before a HAZET wrench breaks at all, it warps and “signals” the significant overload to the user!
  • Surface: chrome-plated
  • Made in Germany
  • Output: Outside 12-point traction profile
  • Wrench size: 10 – 24

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