BGS Technic

BGS Colour Bit Set, 71pc

  • intelligent colour guide, one colour for each profile
  • 60 bits, length: 25 mm
    • plain slot: 3x 4 mm, 3x 6 mm
    • Cross slot PH: 3x PH1, 6x PH2, 3x PH3
    • Cross slot PZ: 3x PZ1, 6x PZ2, 3x PZ3
    • internal hexagon: 3x 4 mm, 3x 5 mm, 3x 6 mm
    • T-Star (for Torx): 3x T10, 3x T15, 3x T20, 3x T25, 3x T27, 3x T30, 3x T40
  • 9 bits, length: 75 mm
    • plain slot: 4 mm, Slot 6 mm
    • Cross slot PH: PH1, PH2, PH3
    • Cross slot PZ: PZ1, PZ2
    • T-Star (for Torx): T20, T25
  • 1 bit holder with quick chuck
  • 1 bit holder with magnet

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