Gorilla Duct Tape To-Go

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Incredible strong and extremely convenient tape for on-the-go repairs, Gorilla Duct Tape To-Go’s 1 inch width packs a powerful grip in a portable size. Ideal size for backpacks, toolboxes, glove compartments for camping, boating and more!

  • Made from double thick adhesive cloth
  • Incredible strong and weather resistant shell
  • Can be used for smooth, rough, and uneven surfaces

Size: 1in x 30ft. (2.5 cm x9.14 m)

Tips For Use:

  • The surfaces should be clean and dust-free
  • Rub the tape into the surface to achieve maximum comfort
  • For best results, apply at room temperature
  • Upon removal, tape may leave behind residue. To remove, use tape as a blotter, or use adhesive remover



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