Thor 212 Copper / Hide Hammer – Size 2

These Thor hammers are a general-purpose, soft-faced hammer for automotive and general engineering applications in assembly, repair and maintenance operations.

The malleable iron head is fitted with one hide and one copper face on a polished wooden handle.

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Ideal for use where a heavy blow is required in a relatively small striking area. One face is made from pure copper, the other from highly compressed buffalo hide and are both designed to wear and be replaced – spare faces are available.

Size: 2
Weight 1070g (2.1/2lb).
Diameter 38mm (1.1/2in).

Thor Hammers

Thor Hammer manufacturers Soft Faced Hammers and Mallets. Over 50 years specialization in this area enables them to provide a non-damaging striking solution for any problem where a hand tool is required.

Made in England to high quality standards, their soft-faced hammers provide a safer alternative to striking with conventional steel hammers.
The resilient soft striking faces shape themselves to the part being struck. Acting as shock absorbers, they spread the force of the blow uniformly, minimising inefficient rebound and damage to components. Soft-faced hammers also reduce noise pollution in the workplace.

Thor have been approved to ISO 9001:2000 since 1992.

A member of the Stephens family founded the company during the 1920,s and to this day Thor Hammer remains a family run business. There are currently two generations of the Stephens family working at the company and our Managing Director is the son of the original founder.

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