Giantank Stationary Diesel Tank and Fuelling Station

The Giant tank is a complete solution to your refuelling needs. The large 3,300 litre tank is 110% bunded for full health and safety compliance.

Opening the front compartment reveals a complete fuelling station with electric pump, delivery hose and nozzle and indicators to volume of fuel delivered and left in the tank.

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The tank is manufactured in linear polyethylene by rotational molding. This gives the product with  sturdiness, as well as giving the tank a professional and ergonomic design.Giantank is equipped with a padlocked reinforced lid (with gas stoppers, in order to facilitate closing and opening operations, and lockable hinges); the lid covers and protects the fuel compartment which houses a complete transfer unit with electric panel, electric pump, fuel meter, automatic nozzle, level indicator, loading port, safety valves and delivery hose.

Included Equipment

  • 220V Electric pump (Flow rate 50 l/min)
  • 6 m refueling hose
  • Automatic nozzle A60
  • Mechanical flow meter. (measures volume dispensed)
  • Mechanical level gauge
  • Leak detector and indicator
  • Electric switchboard.
  • Minimum level pump block
  • 2″ Quick Filling cap
  • Air vent (1 ½”) with brass flame arrestor mesh.
  • Overfill prevention valve

Note: Photos may show equipment not in the above list that are an additional charge


  • Tank capacity: 3,300 litres
  • Bund Capacity: 110% of tank volume
  • Dimensions (cm): 113 x 235 x H180
Weight 100 kg

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