Emilcaddy Wheeled Fuel Can with Pump Dispenser

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The Emilcaddy Fuel Can is the most useful way of transporting extra petrol or diesel. Designed top to bottom with many clever features to make transportation and refueling a breeze.



Fuel Can Uses

Ideal for gardeners whether its a small personal garden or a professional landscaper; the Emilcaddy will follow your lawnmowers, hedge trimmers and chainsaws and always keep them full.Great for quads or other ATVs. Can lie flat on the back for easy transportation for other tools or even for filling ATVs themselvesPerfect for motor racing, can fill Go-Karts or Motorbikes or even full size cars. If you have one or many more this fuel can will fill them in seconds without spilling a dropIdeal for filling small or big tractors, easily fits into the back of jeep or car to save taking the tractor on the road. and Electric Pumps makes for quick filling, with no effort or spilling.For filling cars or jeeps, with a 110 litre capacity this fuel canister will easily fill the biggest of tanks in jeeps or vans.For filling up diggers and mini excavators; the Emilcaddy has a large capacity, a fuel pump and a filler nozzle, it’s perfect for having on site for all your small to medium plant machinery.


The Petrol cans and 55 litre diesel come with a manual rotary pump. This saves you having to lift a full can of oil which is good news for your back, means less spilling and a quicker fill.The Diesel Emilcaddy 110 is fitted with fast DC Electric pump, works at 12V or 24V by attaching to a car or jeep battery with supplied battery clamps and 4 metre cable. This will refill your tank lightning quick at 40 litres per minute without breaking a sweat.


Non Spill Vent Plug , Allows venting for safety when storing while preventing any leaking of petrol or diesel when transporting.Colour Coded for quick identification of what’s inside, and more importantly to prevent the wrong fuel going into the wrong tank. Diesel tanks are yellow, Petrol are green and Adblue are blue.Made of strong roto-moulded linear polyethylene with strengthening ribs.2 easy grip handles, top and bottom for easy pulling or lifting.The 2 solid wheels make for the easiest of transportation. You can pull 110 litres of diesel and while only doing 13kg workBottom Safety Tap for complete cut off when transporting or pump removal.The moulded design also has special channels for strapping. So you can tie down this fuel can securely for example on a trailer, and it wont move without damaging the tank.Bottom Foot Support for easy tipping when about to carry.Attached Pump, Filling Nozzle and 3 metre hose make for easy refuelling, there’s no lifting required and you will never spill a drop.Can be filled horizontally or Vertically, either way the tank has the exact same capacity.Fully ADR compliant. Meaning tank is fully compliant to international standards for the International carriage of dangerous goods by road. This will keep your refuelling system fully Health and Safety compliant.


Included Equipment

Diesel (110l model)

  • DC electric pump
    • 12 or 24V
    • Flow rate: 40l/m
    • 4 m electric cable, clamps for the battery connection.
  • 3 metres of Fuel Hose
  • Manual Fuel Nozzle

Petrol (55l & 110l) & Diesel (55l model)

  • Manual rotary vane pump
  • 3 metres of fuel Hose
  • Manual Fuel Nozzle

Ablue (55l & 110l)

  • Rotary Inox Hand Pump
  • 3 metres of RDPM Hose
  • Manual Fuel Nozzle

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