Emilcaddy Car-Service – AdBlue Refilling for Cars

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Now you can effortlessly transport and refill the AdBlue tank in your car with the new Emilcaddy Car-Service. Two solid wheels make moving AdBlue no work at all, and the built in electric AdBlue pump and delivery hose means refilling the tank is childsplay.

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Attached Pump, Filling Nozzle and 3 metre hose make for easy refuelling, there’s no lifting required and you will never spill a drop.


Optional Extra (Price on Application) – IBC quick connect allows for easy refilling of the Emilcaddy from an AdBlue Barrel. The electric pump of the Emilcaddy allows this with the flick of a switch.


Comes with a ZVA refilling nozzle. ZVA nozzles are used and trusted by garages across Ireland for their reliability and build quality.

This nozzle has a magnetic switch making it compatible for vehicles with a misfuelling safety system.


Nozzle features a flow adjustment valve allowing adjustment from 5-10 l/min

Emilcaddy Features - Durable Plastic

Made of strong roto-moulded linear polyethylene with strengthening ribs.

Emilcaddy Features - Carry Handles

2 easy grip handles, top and bottom for easy pulling or lifting.

Emilcaddy Features - 2 Solid Wheels

The 2 solid wheels make for the easiest of transportation. You can pull 110 litres of AdBlue and while only doing 13kg work

Emilcaddy Features -  Safety fuel Tap

Bottom Safety Tap for complete cut off when transporting or pump removal.

Emilcaddy Features - Strapping channels

Bottom Safety Tap for complete cut off when transporting or pump removal.

Emilcaddy Features - Foot support

Bottom Foot Support for easy tipping when about to carry.

Emilcaddy Features - ADR Compliant

Fully ADR compliant. Meaning tank is fully compliant to international standards for the International carriage of dangerous goods by road. This will keep your refuelling system fully Health and Safety compliant.

Volume110 litres
Empty Weight12kg

Included Equipment

  • 110 litre Emilcaddy Tank
  • Electric Pump
  • 3 metres EPDM delivery hose
  • ZVA Automatic Nozzle
  • Flow Meter

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