Carrytank Diesel or AdBlue Bowsers with Lid- 220 litres


The carry tank makes the refuelling of larger vehicles as simple as it’s possible to make it. holding 220 litres for extremely infrequent trips to the petrol station, a electric pump for effortless refuelling and a hose and nozzle for safe and quick dispensing without spilling a drop.

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Carrytank Diesel Bowsers (3)

Made of extremely durable linear polythene plastic, with 5mm wall thickness, moulded into a shape to give the best rigidity.

Carrytank Diesel Bowsers - pump and fittings

Comes with a electric pump you just attach to any 12V battery, for effortless pumping and a 4m hose and nozzle for easy and safe refuelling. (Digital Fuel Gauge optional extra)

Carrytank - Forklift

Integrated forklift pockets, handles for lifting when empty make it the easiest tank to maneuver.

Carrytank - Ratchet Straps

Designed to be carried in most vehicles that will fit it, contains a multitude of channels for a secure hold with straps.

Carrytank Diesel Bowsers (2)

Designed with a recessed pump and hose keep them safe and in conjunction with the mounting pegs means the tanks can be stacked

Carrytank Diesel Bowsers (1)

Reliability comes as standard, each tank comes with the highest quality Piusi pump, a fuel filter, and a aluminium vented fuel cap.

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Every tank also comes with an auto-stop fuel nozzle, just like you get at a forecourt, easier, safer and less wasting of fuel.

Carrytank Diesel Bowsers 3 year warranty

Every tank comes with a 3 year warranty, and all parts are easily replaced


Capacity220 litres
Dimensions910 x 600 x 620mm
Empty Weight (Tank Only)14kg
Empty Weight (with pump and hose)24kg
Wall Thickness5mm
Pump Rate40 L/m

Included Equipment

  • 220 litre Carrytank
  • Latchable Lid
  • Electric transfer pump
  • 4metre battery power cable with battery clamps
  • 4 metre rubber fuel hose
  • Fuel nozzle with trigger and auto-stop
  • In line filter
  • Aluminium, vented fuel cap

Additional information

Weight 52 kg
Fuel Type

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