Carrytank Combo Tank – 400litre Diesel + 50litre AdBlue

Now you can transport and dispense your diesel and Adblue safely, cleanly and extremely conveniently in one tank. Featuring 2 tanks, a 440 litre diesel tank and a 50 litre Adblue tank allowing you to transport all your required fulling requirements in one package. Then with the electric pumps and fuel hose you can dispense the liquids just like on a garage forecourt.

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Supplied with 2 electric pumps for dispensing Diesel and AdBlue. Powered from a single battery leadThe AdBlue Tank can be removed and used independently. This creates a useful storage compartment in the Carrytank for toolsMade of extremely durable linear polythene plastic, with 6.5mm wall thickness, moulded into a shape to give the best rigidity.Comes with a electric pump you just attach to any 12 or 24V battery, for effortless pumping and a 4m hose and nozzle for easy and safe refuelling. (Digital Fuel Gauge optional extra)Integrated forklift pockets, handles for lifting when empty make it the easiest tank to maneuver.Designed to be carried in most vehicles that will fit it, contains a multitude of channels for a secure hold with straps. The lid can still be opened with the straps in place.The 440 Litre Carrytank Fuel Bowsers come with a lockable lid for complete protection from the elements and thieves.Reliability comes as standard, each tank comes with the highest quality Piusi pump, a fuel filter, a level indicator and a aluminium vented fuel cap.Diesel dispensing nozzle as an auto-stop, just like you get at a forecourt, easier, safer and less wasting of fuel.Every tank comes with a 3 year warranty, and all parts are easily replaced


Other Features

  • Filling plug, size 2”, with integrated air vent valve on both compartments.
  • Level indicator (only Diesel fuel compartment).
  • In-Line filter (only Diesel fuel compartment).

Included Equipment

  • DC fuel transfer pump, mod. DPUMP (12 or 24 V), flow rate 70 l/min for Diesel compartment
  • Submersible pump 12V, flow rate 15 l/min for AdBlue® compartment
  • 4 m of hose for Diesel fuel and 4 m of hose for AdBlue®.
  • Automatic nozzle for Diesel fuel and manual nozzle for AdBlue®
  • 4 m of battery power cable and clamps for battery connection.
Weight 30 kg

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