Tegera 19″ Kevlar Welding Gloves

A fully lined hot-work welding gloves fireproof manufactured to the highest standards according to mechanical EN 388 3143 Heat and fire EN 407 41324.

12.92 inc.Vat

Tegera 19″ Kevlar welding gloves are durable gloves made from slip- grain leather with heat resistant kevlar-thread. Excellent fit with elastic stitching over the wrist, which gives it a maximum work comfort and elasticity. 10 cm cuff.

  • Category: Cat. II
  • Palmside material: Split grain cowhide of top quality
  • Palmside thickness: 1,2-1,4 mm
  • Upperhand material: Split grain cowhide of top quality
  • Lining: Fully lined
  • Lining material: Jersey
  • Length range: 310-360 mm
  • Colour: Yellow

Size 10 (X-Large)

Weight 0.2 kg



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