Ambersil Aqua Paint Marker Pen

The Aqua paint marker pen is a fast drying, multi surface paint marker pen. This pen has improved environmental benefits including a white label formulation which is free from harmful solvents. The paint marker pen is available in five colours, red, yellow, blue, white and black all with a flash and boiling point of 100°C. The Aqua paint marker pen is water based and provides you with excellent coverage even on dark surfaces.

6.39 inc.Vat

Water based.
Excellent coverage even on dark surfaces.
Fast drying providing and efficient work flow.
Durable tip with a valve action preventing excess paint flow.
Clear, medium thickness (4.5mm) marks.
Clean and easy application.
Available in five colours red, yellow, blue, white and black.
Not classified as hazardous according to EC regulation 1272/2008.

Majority of industrial marking requirements.
Metal working and fabrication.
Machine construction.
Electrical installations.
Civil engineering.
Quality control.

The pen can be stored at normal ambient temperatures and if sored correctly has a shelf life of not less than 24 months.

Shake well with the cap on till the agitator ball moves freely.
Take the cap off and depress the tip several times against a hard surface till the paint starts to flow.
Replace the cap after use and sore the pen in a horizontal position.
Always use in a well ventilated area.
Colour may fade when exposed to high intensity sunlight for an extended period.


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