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Over 100 greasing points now Automatically Greased for Kilsaran Concrete

Kilsaran concrete needed to refurbish their concrete batching plant and asked us to fit a Automatic Lubrication System. This section of plant had a history of failing bearings and the cause was diagnosed to be a lack of lubrication. Studies show that more than 50% of bearing failures are the result of improper lubrication. The costs for bearing failure adds up quickly

  • Cost of new bearing and new material
  • Loss of production due to downtime
  • Labour costs for the repair of the bearing
  • Increased safety risks when repairing the bearing
  • Missed customer deliveries

This batching plant has over a 100 lubrication points, this large number of points makes manual lubrication very uneconomical, there is the cost of man-hours for lubrication, as well as the extremely high chance a point gets missed and receives no grease.

This high failure made Automatic Lubrication a no-brainer to the maintenance department. They expect to see a Return on the capital cost of investment in this Automatic Lubrication system in only 1-2 years. After this, the huge savings from Automatic Lubrication will increase the profits made for the remainder of the system’s long lifespan.

We fitted a pair of Graco G3 Pro lubrication pumps. These 2 pumps will easily service all 100 points. The Graco G3 pump comes with a built in controller giving the operator all the information he needs at a glance including grease reservoir low level warning preventing the system for getting airlocked.

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