New Hazet Tools range for 2018 available in store and online

We’ve expanded our range of in stock Hazet items. Now in store (and available to buy online) we have a range of the famous Hazet spanners, we have the small but powerful impact guns. A range of tools for repair threads and removing broken bolts as well as various general workshop tools.

Impact Guns

296.51 inc.Vat

Hazet’s impact guns are designed for use in confined spaces, allowing you to working on any fixing. This doesn’t mean they’re short on power with a loosening force of up to 1990Nm.

Other features of these impact guns include, a clever design that exhausts the air downwards through the end of the handle. the handle is insulated to prevent it from getting uncomfortably cold. They are also ergonomically designed to allow full use and control when used in either hand.

The perfect companion for this range of impact gun’s is Hazet’s short sockets. This 4 pack of impact sockets only measure 29mm in length and contains sizes 13, 17, 19 and 21mm.


Out of stock
36.97 inc.Vat
36.97 inc.Vat
29.70 inc.Vat
24.43 inc.Vat
22.58 inc.Vat
16.98 inc.Vat
13.97 inc.Vat
12.85 inc.Vat
12.61 inc.Vat
12.19 inc.Vat
11.45 inc.Vat

Hazet’s spanners are built to last with a design perfected over 150 years. The 603 range has a lower than most offset head angle at 10°, but is stepped down for access to hard to reach areas.

Alternative you can now buy a full range of Hazet 603 spanners with a tool holder with wall mount option. This set contains sizes 6-24mm.

Screw Extraction and repair

29.41 inc.Vat

This set contains all the required parts to easily and cleanly remove broken studs, particularly smaller fixings from 6mm to 15mm. How to use:

  1. Bore with drill and tapping sleeve
  2. Insert grooved stud extractor
  3. Put on union nut and screw out broken bolt or screw

Supplied in a plastic case for safe storage.

Supplied in a plastic case for safe storage. These sets are a one-piece simple broken stud remover. Simply drill a hole in the broken stud, and screw the stud extractor in, as the screw extractor has a left-hand thread, once it grips the stud it starts to screw it out.

Both sets are supplied in a plastic case and start at a 1.4mm size. These tools quickly and easily repair a large range of threads, by automatically adjusting to the thread being repaired. Simply clamp the blades to hand tight to the thread to be repaired, and rotate the thread repair tool around the thread.


60.29 inc.Vat
102.97 inc.Vat
Out of stock
31.93 inc.Vat
Out of stock
24.55 inc.Vat
Out of stock


Hazet Magnetic Cup

11.51 inc.Vat
Out of stock
29.96 inc.Vat
Out of stock
98.00 inc.Vat

Quality tyre lever for removing tyres from cars and vans. Quality Hazet construction made in Germany. For removing oil filters and the operation of air dryer cartridges particularly in hard to reach areas. Driven by a 1/2″ ratchet handle for sockets.

Tyre inflator for inflating and measuring tyre pressure up to 12bar. Large easy read dial and 400mm flexible hose for ease of use. Small operating angle (4°) enables use in the tightest spaces, e.g. engines, mechanical engineering, agricultural vehicles and machinery, renewable energies (solar, wind turbines).

A portable LED light for use around the workshop, built to last by Hazet.

In store display stand coming soon