Lube Shuttle Grease Gun System, Greasing just got a lot easier!

The Lube Shuttle Grease Guns and cartridges are are now available from HLS, online and in store.

Greatly speed up your lubrication schedule, get a grease gun that’s much easier to operate, and increase efficiency with less downtime and less wasted grease.

Available in store or to buy online.

What is different about Lube Shuttle cartridges?

The Lube Shuttle system is a totally redesigned system for loading grease cartridges. Instead of a pop cap on one end and a pull tab on the other. The Lube Shuttle system simply uses a screw head to make loading simpler.

The greases are some of the highest specification we stock all produced to the highest standards standards by Total. This quality of lubricants and design don’t come at any higher price though with cartridges starting at €2.14 (ex vat).

Why use Lube Shuttle?

The Lube Shuttle system is very simple, but greatly improves the efficiency of your greasing. Loading couldn’t be simpler or quicker, the whole job can even be done with one hand. just screw off the cap, insert into the gun, and twist to lock. No need to screw off anything on the gun, or pull open tabs, or messing with plungers.

You know when you remove a, so called, “empty” cartridge there is always a large volume of grease left behind that regular guns can reach. The Lube Shuttle delivers every last drop getting you much more from every cartridge, saving you money.

The Lubricants for the Lube Shuttle Grease Guns are some of the highest spec we sell. Made by Total lubricants for even the harshest of environments like high moisture or high heat.

Quality but easy on your pocket, this quality design and professional lubricants are no more expensive than regular grease cartridges. Cartridges start from €2.14 (ex vat) and a quality built one handed trigger grease gun is only €35 (ex vat). All cartridges are readily available from Total stockists all over Ireland, but either way HLS will deliver to your doorstop, anywhere in Ireland. Order before 4pm and you can have it the next working day.

Lube Shuttle Product Line

Interested in switching to the Lube shuttle? you should be, you’d be mad not to. See our full lineup of products below.

Starter Pack

The ideal starting point for using the Lube Shuttle is the starter pack. It contains everything you need to start greasing, as well as a range of accessories to allow you grease a range of applications.


  • Quality Lube Shuttle One-Handed Trigger Grease Gun
  • 1x EP2 Lithium-Calcium Grease Cartridge
  • 1x Ceran Grease Cartridge, for Heavy-Duty Applications
  • 2x Grease Nozzles, one solid for one-handed greasing, one flexible for hard to reach grease points.
  • 2x grease couplers for quick coupling to grease nipples

Battery Powered Lube Shuttle Grease Gun

If you have a large amount of grease points to lubricate in one go, and if it means the longer you take to lubricate them all the longer your machinery is turned off; then you need a faster grease gun.

Delivering 100cc of grease a minute at a pressure of 400bar, simply by pulling a small trigger. You will fly through your greasing schedule as your second hand will be free to switch grease points with the long flexible grease pipe.

Total Multis FIL EP2

Standard, excellent value Extreme Pressure (EP) grease. Like all Total greases even the standard grease is to a high enough quality that it’s suitable for use in a large range of applications.

Total Ceran XM220

Ceran XM220 is made with a calcium sulfonate complex soap, this soap is extremely resistant to water making ideal for working in conditions where the grease is in frequent contact with water (even sea water due to enhanced anti-rust performances).

Total Multis HV2

This is a lithium-Complex based grease for the most extreme of conditions. Can be used in conditions where is there a high load and high temperature, up to 160°C.

Mato Two-Handed Lube Shuttle Grease Gun

The most common design of Grease Gun allowing you to maneuver with greater accuracy.

Solid pipe and coupler come supplied for ability to just push on to grease points without being guided.

Fuchs Adaptor

If you don’t want to replace your fuchs grease gun but fed up of buying the more expensive cartridges, this adaptor converts the gun, keeping Lube Shuttles easy loading advantage.

Also ideal for fixed pumps for centralised greasing that take cartridges, usually fuchs type

Mato One-Handed Lube Shuttle Grease Gun

If you would rather purchase the one-handed gun out of the pack you can do that too. Comes with solid pipe and coupler. Ideal if it’s going to be used with a specialised grease not supplied in the starter pack

Still not convinced? Have more questions? Please feel free to contact us by email or contact us by phone. We’d be more than happy to explain more