Lincoln Grease Guns – Largest range to buy online

Lincoln Industrial’s lubrication equipment including Lincoln Grease Guns, are easily the best lubrication equipment you can buy. They have been designing and manufacturing lubrication equipment for over a 100 years and have more lubrication patents than any other company.

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Pump Action Lincoln Grease Gun (1147)

Lincoln 1147The standard 2 handed action grease gun. Only as it’s a Lincoln Grease gun it uses all quality metals with manufactured to accurate dimensions to ensure smooth operation of all moving parts.

This gun also comes with many clever features such as a reversible piston in the grease reservoir to allow for reliable use whether you’re using cartridges or bulk filling (suction or via a grease pump).

It’s also an extremely versatile machine, it can be filled by loading standard 400-500g grease cartridges, filling via a grease barrel pump, or by suction from a bucket.


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Lincoln Pistol Grip Grease Gun (1133)

Lincoln 1133The One-Handed Lincoln Grease gun is ideal in situations where you have hard to reach grease points. Only one hand is needed to hold and pump the gun, leaving the other hand free to reach the most awkward of places with the long flexible hose.

Other Features Include:

  • Multiple Filling Options (Cartridge, Bucket Pump, Suction Fill)
  • Variable Stroke/Variable Pressure Pump Design
  • Smooth Pump action with jam proof mechanism and vent to prevent damage

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We are Ireland’s lubrication specialists, no other company stocks a wider range of lubrication equipment from grease guns right up to bespoke Automatic Lubrication Systems.

With our 25 years experience we know quality lubrication equipment and we understand the importance of reliability in all engineering environments.

We are also are Lincoln certified supplier so you can be sure all our Lincoln Grease Guns are genuine and you have the full backup of spare parts.