Led Lenser Torches and Head Torches on Sale!

Led Lenser torches are the market leader in LED Torches, and it’s well deserved, the quality and range of features are second to done for their price.

About Led Lenser

Led Lenser create light. Even in the furthest, darkest corner of the world. They are the world’s market leaders in LED flashlights and headlamps, they are downright obsessed with it. And while some believe that they already make the best lights in the world, Led Lenser think they’re only at the beginning of their journey. Because there is always an idea which is better than the good idea that somebody just had, and because even the best quality can be improved. They already have over 100 patents for their innovative ideas

Special Offers

At HLS we stock a huge range of Led Lenser Torches. We also usually have some great special offers, meaning you can get a top quality torch at a fantastic price.

All our Led Lenser torches (including our special offers) are brand new genuine torches and come with full warranty and support from Led Lenser and HLS.

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Led Lenser Torches

The classic hand torch, but perfected by Led Lenser. Led Lenser Torches are made of solid aluminium, very strong and very light. The feel of this quality construction is felt every time it’s held in the hand.

Advanced Focus System featured on most models makes these torches far more versatile. One torch can act as a wide flood light illuminating your entire field of view, or a extremely bright focused beam illuminating the job at hand.

The Smart Light Technology innovation turns a Led Lenser torch into your personal lighting tool: Using a microcontroller you can program your individual range of functions with different touch and switch combinations. That way you always have the optimal light function at hand.

*Not all features are available on all torches. Please confirm model features on individual product pages.

Led Lenser Head Torches

A head torch has a huge range of application for work or leisure. For work it frees up your two hands to focus on the task at hand (and it’s impossible for you to cast a shadow on what you want illuminated).

Or if you’re outdoors at night it can allow you to walk (or horse ride, ski, bike) but keep the light shining to where you are looking.

Led Lenser Rechargeable Lights

Led Lenser Torches with rechargeable batteries give far more advantages over disposable battery powered torches than you may initially think. Once you have owned a rechargeable torch you will never want to go back.

Batteries aren’t cheap, and if you were to add up the cost of all the batteries used over the torches long lifespan, it would cost many times the cost of the torch. The cost of charging the torch on mains power? only cents for a whole year!

What if you don’t have any new batteries when they need to be replaced? Rechargeable torches save a trip to the shops as they can be charged with a common USB charger. Meaning you won’t be caught out in the dark.

Rechargeable batteries are a better choice for the environment. The cost of shipping batteries to be recycled, then the cost of recycling itself is far higher than just putting power back into an existing battery.

Led Lenser Torches also out their own improvements to the charging system. Select models come with the floating charge system. To charge simply hang the torch from the magnetic charger. To use the torch just grab and go. This also functions as an emergency light. When the power goes out and your Led Lenser torch is on its charging station, it turns on automatically. The light thus helps you to orient yourself, and you can then find the fuse box, for example.

*Not all features are available on all torches. Please confirm model features on individual product pages.

Led Lenser 7 Year Warranty

All products from Led Lenser have been put to the acid test. Only items that can withstand the toughest conditions can bear the name. And because they are so sure of the quality of our products, we offer a warranty period for all Led Lenser torches which goes well beyond the average.

Product registration required for warranty. For full terms and conditions of Led Lensers warranty click here


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