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Klingspor Abrasive Wheels, Cutting Discs and Grinding Discs now available at

Klingspor Abrasive Wheels, Cutting Discs and Grinding Discs now available at

Our range of Klingspor Abrasive wheels are now available to buy online. Our range of abrasive wheels cover a huge range of applications like steel cutting and stone cutting, in sizes from 4 inch to 14 inch, and with bonded grit or metal “diamond” style.

When you by abrasive wheels from, we promise you technical assistance, quick delivery, and follow up support. We keep a huge volume of abrasive wheels in stock to guarantee you quick delivery to keep your business moving.

Steel Cutting Abrasive Wheels

The ability to cut off material in a quick and efficient manner is of the utmost importance in abrasive wheels. No less important are a long service life and the aspect of safety during the use of these fast rotating abrasive tools. Klingspor wheels are fully compliant with oSA guidelines and the European safety standard EN 12413, their cutting tools satisfy the strictest safety standards.

Stainless Steel Cutting

When cutting a hard metal, you need even harder abrasive wheels to cut it. these Klingspor abrasive wheels are specially designed for cutting metals like stainless steel. They have another benefit of being extra thin, this is useful on a range of metals for a more accurate cut

Stone Cutting Abrasive Wheels

Grinding Discs

Sanding & Mop Discs

Other Abrasive Products

Emery Rolls

Highly flexible, attractively priced universal product for profile grinding

Sanding Paper

Special product for auto repair and painting – For hard and tough surfaces – Good adaptation and high stability – Wet and dry sanding.

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