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Innovative new Automatic Lubrication System products announced by Graco

Graco have announced three new innovative products in their Automatic Lubrication Systems range for 2020, the Graco G-Mini Compact Pump , the Graco GL X Smart Controller with Auto Lube App, and the Graco Compact Dyna-Star. Graco’s products aim to provide your equipment with the right amount of lubricant at the right time and in the right place. Reducing wear and tear of machinery, minimising downtime, reducing risk of injury to personnel all while increasing productivity.

G-Mini Compact Pump
Make the most of your space, budget and machinery with the new G-Mini Compact Pump from Graco. The full- featured G-mini offers reliable and safe lubrication with a smaller footprint to fit more types of machinery. The G-mini has a tough rugged construction to withstand the daily rigor of jobs in the harshest of environments (heater option allows the G-mini to pump grease down to -40°C). Automatic lubrication simplifies everyday maintenance allowing for greater optimization of time and extending the life cycle of machinery, which in turn boosts productivity and profitability.
Small size. Big Value. Huge Impact

GL X Smart Controller and Auto Lube App
The GL X Smart Controller captures and provides mores information with real-time system reporting allowing operators, technicians and managers to make faster, smarter decisions. When paired with the intuitive and easy to use Auto Lube App via Bluetooth users can monitor system performance and make fast and precise adjustments all from their mobile devices. The app allows configurations of each lubrication system to be easily customized, while charting historical performance data so the right decisions can be made.

Graco GL X Smart Controller and Auto Lube App

Compact Dyna-Star
The Compact Dyna-Star automatic lubrication system delivers high-capacity flow( Max: 241 bars/3,500psi ), robust durability and innovative control in a smaller footprint. It will extend uptime for the toughest, most demanding machines in the most relentless of environments. Handling both oil and grease it allows for non-stop productivity for everyday needs down to -40°C . It small size allows the system to be used for limited-space applications, while being powerful enough to keep up with aggressive lubrication intervals.

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