Graco Automatic Lubrication System Installed onto CAT 374F L Excavator

We’ve completed a new install of a Graco to a 75 ton Caterpillar 374F L excavator.

This machine includes a custom made protection plate on the link to ensure the Automatic Lubrication divider blocks and pipes are protected in this particularly exposed area, ensuring that all points are greased with minimum disruption.

This CAT is fitted with a Graco G3 Pro pump complete with grease reservoir low level warning, and a controller in the cab, giving the operator live information and peace of mind that his machine is being lubricated

We maintain a vast database of machines and the parts required to fit an automatic lubrication system. We are happy to provide our customers a self-install kit to save you the labour cost of fitting a automatic lubrication system. This in conjunction with Graco excellent fitting instructions make the jump to automatic lubrication easy and even more cost effective.