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Cordless Grease Guns, Get your greasing done faster

Cordless Grease Guns offer many advantages over regular grease guns, they save time and are more efficient, which at the end of the day means it saves you money; and the more grease points you have to grease, the more you will save.

Read on to see how a Cordless Grease Gun will save you money, and to see our range of Cordless Grease Guns to find the right one for your needs.

Cordless Grease Gun Models

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If you’re interested in getting a cordless grease gun to speed up and simplify your grease schedule then at HLS were sure we have the right gun for you.

All Grease Guns are available to Buy Online or Buy In-Store.

Lube Shuttle Battery Powered Grease Gun

Our simplest and most basic cordless grease gun is simple in a good way. As well as being our lowest price cordless grease gun, it takes all complications out of loading it by using the Lube Shuttle Grease System.

With the Lube Shuttle cartridge system, loading cartridges can be done with one hand, quickly and effortlessly. Just take off the cap, insert and twist to lock. No need to remove caps top and bottom, load and deal with a plunger.

Click Here to see the Full Advantages and Range of the Lube Shuttle Grease System

  • Lube Shuttle Battery Powered Grease Gun
  • 14.4V Li-Ion battery
  • 3.000 mAh
  • Delivers 100cm³ per minute
  • Electronically controlled fast charger with overload protection

Lincoln Cordless Grease Guns

For over 100 years Lincoln have be designing and manufacturing the highest quality Lubrication Equipment. Lincoln own more lubrication patents than all other lubrication companies combined due to their strive for quality.

This attention to detail has made Lincoln the brand that is requested by so many companies worldwide when it comes to lubricating their machines.

If it’s quality and reliability you want, then you need look no further than the Lincoln PowerLuber

Powerluber Lincoln Cordless Grease Gun 18v – Li-Ion

The Li-ion Lincoln Cordless Grease Gun is the Ultimate in Electric Grease Guns. With an LCD display to tell you the amount of grease pumped, the amount of grease left in the barrel and the battery level.

Also comes with a Li-Ion Battery to keep greasing even on the largest of greasing jobs. Li-ion also keeps the power output high even when the battery is running low.

  •  Voltage: 18.0 V
  • Transmission: 2-Speed: High Volume and High Pressure
  • Grease Flow Indicator: Patented Stroke Counter
  • Output Pressure: 7,500psi
  • Output Rate: 85 g/min (Low) 255g/min (High)
  • Overload Protection: Circuit Breaker and Pressure Release Valve
  • Bulk Filler Valve: Yes

Cordless Grease Gun Advantages


Cordless Grease Guns are faster, instead of lining up a whole grease gun to a grease point or nipple, you just push a flexible pipe on, this is much easier and quicker to maneuver and you attach it on each and every time. If you have several grease points right beside each other you can switch between them lightening quick.

This may not seem like much, saving a few seconds here and there, or just a tool for a lazy man. But if you have 30, 50, 100, or even several hundreds of points to grease. You will very quickly be saving hours by using a cordless grease guns. First you free up employee wages for other important tasks. And your factory or Plant machinery is shut down for less time which will save you a fortune.

Cordless Grease Gun on use on a farmOne-handed Control

Lining up a whole grease gun is awkward, they’re heavy made of metal and full of grease. It’s quite easy for it to slip of while pumping, then you don’t know if the grease point got enough grease, so you give it an extra few pumps then the bearing gets too much grease and a seal has been damaged. Worse again the grease gun slips and you break a whole grease nipple.

You don’t get this with a cordless grease gun. You have one hand just to line up a light hose. Faster too for switching between grease points.

Metered Grease Amount

With a manual grease gun the speed you pump and whether you use a full pump every time or not makes a difference to the amount of grease each point gets.

It is very important that points get the right amount of grease, too little and parts will wear and break. Too Much grease and seals will break and the pressure will cause friction, the very thing you were trying to avoid.

By using a cordless grease gun each stroke is measurable to the nearest cubic centimeter (cc or cm³). Simply hold the trigger, count the strokes and you can be certain your grease point is getting the exact amount of grease.