Our Automatic Greasing Systems are able to lubricate any lubrication requirements you have in your production line or large machinery. Our systems can lubricate over 2000 points from a single reservoir substantially reducing the amount of work required. It is also capable or lubricating any part including bearings, chains and gears.

We can design a system for any requirements you may have, we can supply pumps and pipework for corrosive or high heat areas with various reservoir sizes from a 1ltr reservoir, to large drums and even bulk tanks.

Large production lines and industrial machines have the largest number of lubrication points, and in these large machines some can be in confined places or up high. Lubricating these points manually is extremely time consuming taking a large labour cost; Automatic Greasing will lubricate all points more reliably and in a more cost effective way. It will also remove the safety risk of personnel accessing tight places or working at a height.

Tyre Recycling Plant

Anybody working in industrial manufacturing knows how important up time is and how expensive down time is. Automatic greasing will improve this in two ways:

  • Scheduled down time to lubricate points safely will be removed, a Graco Automatic Greasing System will lubricate while the machine is running
  • Less shut down due to failures, Automatic Greasing gives the most optimal lubrication possible, consistent and during running when it’s needed most. This substantially reduces wear leading to less bearing and other moving parts failing to keep your machines running for longer

For more information about the benefits an automatic greasing system could have for your business please contact us!

Timber processing factory

Straight forward 9 point Lubrication being installed to a critical screw conveyor in the cement industry.