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Ear Muffs by Hellberg now in stock

Ear Muffs by Hellberg on display in store

We are very pleased to have Hellberg Ear Muffs in stock in our physical and online store. The Hellberg range are a great value but extremely smart family of products that include hearing defenders and face shields. The ear muffs and face visors can be used independently, or assembled into one head piece for a lightweight, complete head safety unit.

Hellberg Ear Muffs then get extremely smart when in the range topping XStream Bluetooth Headset…

Hellberg Xstream LD Ear Muffs

Block out all damaging noise, let voices in all while listening to your favourite music and podcasts with the Hellberg XStream LD EarMuffs.

  • Music streaming with excellent sound quality from your phone via Bluetooth
  • Level dependent Active Listening microphones that allow you to hear voices and other important noises around you at a safe volume.
  • Make phone calls totally hands free with the built in microphones. A boom-microphone is available as an accessory for those who need clearer speech quality in a high noise environment.
  • Comfortable headband with soft padding

Ear Muffs

Hellberg’s primary product are Ear Muffs and they offer a defender for every use case. First they offer a colour coding system to show the 3 levels of sound protection.

  • Secure 1 – Green – Suitable for low to medium noise levels, between 75-90 dB
  • Secure 2 – Yellow – Suitable for medium to high noise levels, between 90-110 dB
  • Secure 3 – Orange – Suitable for high to very high noise levels, between 100-115 dB
  • Unsure what level of noise is in your working environment? Click here to view Hellberg’s Ear Muff Selection Guide

There is also a choice of 3 wearing styles. There’s the common head band style. Secondly there’s the semi-permanent Helmet mount. Finally there’s the neckband style ideal for wearing with caps and hats.


Step 1 – Choose your Visor Carrier

Do you want to wear just a visor on your head? Or attach it to Hellberg Headband Ear Muffs for a more lightweight head piece .

Step 2 – Choose your Visor

Hellberg Safety Ear Muffs

Since 1962, Hellberg Safety has been dedicated to bringing you the best hearing protection and face protection products.

It all started in Sweden with Arne Hellberg, a true pioneer who early on understood how important it is to protect the hearing. A prominent sports shooter, he came up with new and advanced ideas when he developed the first hearing protectors in the family garage in the small town of Lerum, for what would become Hellberg Safety. In the early 1960’s the first mass production of hearing protectors began, with most of the manufacturing done in Stockholm and other locations around Sweden.

Since 1997, the Hellberg Safety headquarters are located in Stenkullen, just a stone’s throw from where everything once began.

Snickers Workwear

Hellberg are in good company, they are a sister company of Snickers Workwear. Both Snickers and Hellberg strive for a quality comfortable product, and offer the best customer service.

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Disinfectant Sprayers by Graco now available to order – Graco SaniSpray HP

Disinfectant sprayers by Graco are nearly here! Graco are the experts when it comes to pumping and dispensing liquids, be it lubricants, paint, foams or even foodstuffs. And soon a range of market leading disinfectant sprayers will be available from Graco as well.

Graco know spraying, they are the market leader and go to name for paint sprayers by professionals, not only are they well built and reliable, their nozzles give great flexibility in controlling the required spray. A consistent edge to edge coverage is also very important when disinfecting spraying .

Old Way

  • Inconsistent coverage with drips and runs
  • Additional step required to wipe area down
  • Small reservoirs require frequent filling

The new SaniSpray HP way

  • Consistent application coverage delivered in high production or fine spray methods
  • Complete surface coverage to meet chemical dwell time requirements
  • Fastest application method—period
  • Choose from a variety of RAC X LP QuickChange tip sizes to meet spray width and speed needs

Handheld Disinfectant Sprayers

Large Capacity Disinfectant Sprayers

 SaniSpray HP 10
Corded Handheld Airless Disfectant Sprayer
SaniSpray HP 20
Corded Handheld Airless Disfectant Sprayer
SaniSpray HP 20
Cordless Handheld Airless Disfectant Sprayer
SaniSpray HP 65
Portable Hopper Airless Disfectant Sprayer
SaniSpray HP 130
2-Gun Cart Airless Disfectant Sprayer
Max Flow (Fl Oz/Min)10 (0.3 L/Min)20 (0.6 L/Min)20 (0.6 L/Min)65 (1.9 L/Min)130 (3.8 L/Min)
Max Tip Size0.019 in0.019 in0.023 in0.031 in
Pressure Range (Bar)Adjustable 0-69 BarAdjustable 0-69 BarAdjustable 0-69 BarAdjustable 0-69 BarAdjustable 0-69 Bar
Particle Size*Adjustable Particle Size: Fine Mist to Coarse SprayAdjustable Particle Size: Fine Mist to Coarse SprayAdjustable Particle Size: Fine Mist to Coarse SprayAdjustable Particle Size: Fine Mist to Coarse SprayAdjustable Particle Size: Fine Mist to Coarse Spray
CapacityFill and Spray 1L CupFill and Spray 1.25L CupFill and Spray 1.25L CupPour and Go 5.7L HopperUse ANY Container
Power SourceCorded, 230V CEE
Corded, 230V UK
Corded, 230V CEE
Corded, 230V UK
Cordless, 18V DEWALT lithium ion BatteriesCorded, 230V CEE
Corded, 230V IT, DK, CH, UK
Corded, 230V CEE
Corded, 110V UK
Weekly Usage20 Liters or less60 Liters or less60 Liters or less190 Liters or less380 Liters or less
Modular RepairNot Repairable
Compatible with alcohol-based (Flammable) disinfectants  
Compatible with Non-alcohol-based disinfectants

Notes on compatible disinfectants

  • Not all disinfectant sprayers are compatible with alcohol-based active ingredients. See compatibility chart above. These include ethanol or isopropanol disinfectants.
  • All Graco SaniSpray HP disinfectant sprayers are compatible with approved water-based active ingredients. These include Aldehydes, Phenols, Quaternary Ammonium Compounds, Sodium Hypochlorite (Bleach), Peroxyacetic Acid, Hydrogen Peroxide, Hypochlorous Acid based disinfectants.
  • Consult with your material manufacturer to confirm spray application, equipment compatibility and safe usage procedures.

Product Video

Spray with confidence

American Built Quality

Graco SaniSpray HP airless sprayers are designed, manufactured, assembled and 100% factory-tested in the USA with global components

Limited 90-Day Warranty

  • Every Graco SaniSpray HP sprayer is backed by a 90 day parts-only replacement warranty
  • No Returns

Modular Repair Kits

  • To avoid transmission of infectious germs, SaniSpray HP sprayers are not returnable, and may not be serviceable at distributors or service centers
  • Easy Modular Service Kits are available for most sprayers service by the end user

Read this on

Request Further Information

Have any questions? Want to arrange a demonstration? Fill in the form below and we will get back to you quickly

By pressing Send below you agree to us to storing your name and email address in order to keep you updated on Graco SaniSpray HP Disinfectant sprayers. More information is available at


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First Graco G-Mini Automatic Lubrication Pump fitted by HLS

For 4 months a potato peeler in Tayto Crisps has being reliably greased by the brand new Graco G-Mini pump. Don’t let this pumps small footprint fool you, it’s full of features that you won’t find on competitors larger pumps.

  • Low level alarm reminds the operator to refill the reservoir and prevents the system of airlocking
  • Optional heater allows operation up to -40°C
  • Available in 2 reservoir sizes, 0.5L and 1L
  • Available with a built in controller, or can be used with an external in-cab controller.

This compact pump is a perfect fit for this application, easily up to the task of lubricating the many points of this machine working long hours every day, but being compact so as not to be an obstruction in this constricted area.

HLS are very proud to be chosen to test a prototype and give feedback on the design of the G-Mini and would like to think our 20+ years of Automatic Lubrication experience contributed to creating a quality product.

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Coronavirus update

Last Updated 18/05/2020

We are business at normal (nearly). Our shop floor is now open for our customers to browse. We have physical distancing instructions around the store which we would ask all visitors to follow. We also have a hand cleaning station at the entrance for disinfecting hands on arrival and departure.

As always feel free to contact us at the details below and our staff will do everything to answer your query or to take a order for delivery.

Our online shop is still operating, but with possible delays to delivery.

Phone: 01 835 3208


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Over 100 greasing points now Automatically Greased for Kilsaran Concrete

Kilsaran concrete needed to refurbish their concrete batching plant and asked us to fit a Automatic Lubrication System. This section of plant had a history of failing bearings and the cause was diagnosed to be a lack of lubrication. Studies show that more than 50% of bearing failures are the result of improper lubrication. The costs for bearing failure adds up quickly

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Graco Automatic Lubrication System Installed onto CAT 374F L Excavator

We’ve completed a new install of a Graco to a 75 ton Caterpillar 374F L excavator.

This machine includes a custom made protection plate on the link to ensure the Automatic Lubrication divider blocks and pipes are protected in this particularly exposed area, ensuring that all points are greased with minimum disruption.

This CAT is fitted with a Graco G3 Pro pump complete with grease reservoir low level warning, and a controller in the cab, giving the operator live information and peace of mind that his machine is being lubricated

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Food Grade Lubricants & Cleaning Products now available

We now offer a range of Food Grade Lubricants and cleaning fluids with the NSF Food Safe H1 Mark. The NSF mark is your assurance that the product has been tested by one of the most respected independent certification organizations in existence today. It is valued by consumers, manufacturers, retailers and regulatory agencies worldwide.

The mark also provides knowledge that an impartial review against established criteria or guidelines has been conducted

We are happy to be able to now offer a full range of Food Grade Lubricants and cleaning products. Many of these products are NSF H1 rated which means they’re acceptable as a lubricant with incidental food contact for use in and around food processing areas. Such Food Safe Lubricants may be used on food processing equipment as a protective anti-rust film, as a release agent on gaskets or seals of tank closures, and as a lubricant for machine parts and equipment in locations in which there is a potential exposure of the lubricated part to food.

Please check product certification prior to use to ensure safe and proper usage

Food Grade Lubricants

Food Grade Cleaning Products

In addition to Food Safe Lubricants we also offer a range of Food Grade Cleaning products. Of particular use for those in food manufacturing is the Ambersil Sugar Dissolving fluid. This makes short work removing sugar deposits left behind in confectionery manufacturing.

Food Manufacturers

HLS have a large number of regular customers in the food production business, some of the biggest brand names on supermarket shelves; and we stock and source large range of specialist products for the Food production such as Food Safe Lubricants and Stainless Steel fixings and Tools. Feel free to contact us if you need a specific product sourced or some advice

We are also the Irish leader in Automatic Lubrication Systems, and have designed and installed many systems to Food Production companies. See our Automatic Lubrication Systems page for more info

Food production line with Automatic Lubrication system and Food Grade Lubricants
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Automatic Lubrication System fitted to Kobelco Mini digger

Another Automatic Lubrication System fitted to a brand new Kobelco Mini digger.

A lot of time went into moving grease points to more protected areas so pipes do not get broken through normal use. We try our absolute best to make our systems as reliable as possible to save you man hours

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Dual Automatic Lubrication System fitted to Caterpillar 336F L

We’ve completed an installation of an Automatic Lubrication System to a brand new CAT 336.

This machine required Dual pumps for the 2 grease types it requires, standard EP2 and Hammer Grease.

Very best of luck to Maveric Contractors with this machine.

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Automatic Lubrication System Fitted to Takeuchi TB280FR

We’ve completed an install of an Automatic Lubrication System to a brand new Kobelco Takeuchi TB280FR.

A lot of time went into moving grease points to more protected areas so pipes do not get broken through normal use. This involved removing pins and links drilling new grease points and then reassembling. We try our absolute best to make our systems as reliable as possible to save you man hours.

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New Hazet Tools range for 2018 available in store and online

We’ve expanded our range of in stock Hazet items. Now in store (and available to buy online) we have a range of the famous Hazet spanners, we have the small but powerful impact guns. A range of tools for repair threads and removing broken bolts as well as various general workshop tools.

Hazet’s range of short impact guns are truly impressive. Especially designed for use in confined spaces, allowing you to working on any fixing. This doesn’t mean they’re short on power with a loosening force of up to 1990Nm.

Other features of these impact guns include, a clever design that exhausts the air downwards through the end of the handle. the handle is insulated to prevent it from getting uncomfortably cold. They are also ergonomically designed to allow full use and control when used in either hand.

The perfect companion for this range of impact gun’s is Hazet’s short sockets. This 4 pack of impact sockets only measure 29mm in length and contains sizes 13, 17, 19 and 21mm.


Hazet’s spanners are built to last with a design perfected over 150 years. The 603 range has a lower than most offset head angle at 10°, but is stepped down for access to hard to reach areas.

Alternative you can now buy a full range of Hazet 603 spanners with a tool holder with wall mount option. This set contains sizes 6-24mm

Screw Extraction and repair

This set contains all the required parts to easily and cleanly remove broken studs, particularly smaller fixings from 6mm to 15mm.

How to use:

  1. Bore with drill and tapping sleeve
  2. Insert grooved stud extractor
  3. Put on union nut and screw out broken bolt or screw

Supplied in a plastic case for safe storage.

These sets are a one piece simple broken stud remover. Simply drill a hole in the broken stud, and screw the stud extractor in, as the screw extractor has a left hand thread, once is grips the stud is starts to screw it out.

Both sets are supplied in a plastic case, and start at a 1.4mm size

These tools quickly and easily repair a large range of threads, by automatically adjusting to the thread being repaired. Simply clamp the blades to hand tight to the thread to be repaired, and rotate the thread repair tool around the thread.


Quality tyre lever for removing tyres from cars and vans. Quality Hazet construction made in Germany

For removing oil filters and the operation of air dryer cartridges particularly in hard to reach areas. Driven by a 1/2″ ratchet handle for sockets.

Tyre inflator for inflating and measuring tyre pressure up to 12bar. Large easy read dial and 400mm flexible hose for ease of use.

Small operating angle (4°) enables use in the tightest spaces, e.g. engines, mechanical engineering, agricultural vehicles and machinery, renewable energies (solar, wind turbines)

A portable LED light for use around the workshop, built to last by Hazet

In store display stand coming soon

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